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Avoiding the Use of Jargons

First, let’s define the term jargon. Jargon is a kind of vocabulary or terminology used by a particular group that’s hard to comprehend for other people. Jargons often lead to very complicated writing. Excessive use of jargon can be a sign that the writer is trying to show off his knowledge. According to a dissertation writing service , Jargon can be used in engineering writings as engineering writings are technical and can contain some technical words. But sometimes, authors make it a habit to use jargon to exhibit their knowledge. Sometimes, people who are in the same industry speak jargon with colleagues all day. This habit makes them forget that other people are not familiar with these specialized terms. It happens mostly in the law, IT, automotive industries and gaming cultures. If your reader is not familiar with the jargon, it will completely alter the author’s meaning. The reader will perceive the writing in his way. Jargon confuses the readers due to the use of obscure terms i