Why Is Copywriting So Important As Compared to Other Writing Tasks?

Copywriting is nowadays more important than other types of writings. But what makes it different from other writing tasks? This article will discuss the importance and some differences in copywriting and other writing tasks. But before going into more details, let’s define copywriting.

Copywriting is writing persuasive and promotional content for businesses. It tells a story that develops a sense of sympathy into the human concerning the brand. It motivates people to take some sort of action, i.e. buy a product, click on a link etc. Why do we call it copywriting if it’s a form of writing? It’s because the text in writing is known as “copy.” You may not realize it but copywriting is everywhere. It is on your phones, tablets and PCs. For example, promotions of some online stores or restaurants all come under copywriting. This hits the humans, and they click on the link or buy a particular product.

What makes copywriting so important when other writing types are also available? Now, here expert UK writers will discuss some major differences between copywriting and other writings. The major differences that make it so important are as follows;

A Copywriter Sells Instead of Informing

Many people write to inform other people about a service or a product. In contrast, a copywriter sells your brand to the target audience. Sonia Simone further explains the difference. “Copy, traditionally, is what we use to sell something to people. It’s salesmanship in print. The aim of copywriting is to persuade someone to buy the product.”

“In comparison, content does everything except selling. It attracts, engages and paves the way for a purchase”. She says.

Copywriting Inspires Emotional Responses

In copywriting, you want people to take quick action. Therefore, you hit them emotionally. An example of this is that they’ll want readers to buy or download something. The best way to achieve this is through emotional blackmailing. Almost every person wants to live a healthy life, which requires some parameters. It requires having a perfect diet and exercise plan. Suppose you read a copywriting on healthy life and see a guide there. The guide is in pdf, and it will charge you a little money to download it. You see, you were looking for a way to live a healthy life, and here it is in front of you. You have been emotionally blackmailed because you will buy the pdf no matter what the cost is.

In comparison, other types of writings will give you information on living a healthy life. Those writings won’t provide you with anything concrete. Therefore, copywriting is more important in raising the emotional sentiment of humans.

Copywriting and SEO

Some people mistakenly relate copywriting with SEO. It is not the case. Copywriting directly relates to sales or services. It has nothing to do with SEO. It is content writing which relates to SEO. Content writers write content to drive inbound traffic. Therefore, content writers are the best at SEO, not copywriters.

Hence, if you want to increase the traffic on your website, you should do content writing or other types of writings. But if you want to enhance the sales power, go for copywriting.

Copywriting and Strategy

Compared to other tasks of writing, copywriting contribute to the short-term strategy. It is because copywriting is about posting ads on the websites, not using keywords. A copywriter writes an awesome ad quickly. Metrics like click-through rates and open rates are a good indication to check it.

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In comparison, other tasks of writings are long-term in their nature. They are not always easy to measure in a shorter period. As described earlier, content writing relates to SEO, and it takes time to pay off. Therefore, copywriting is a short-term strategy compared to other writing tasks.

Copywriting Turn Traffic into Leads

This last point will almost sum up all the differences between copywriting and other writings. Other types of writing, like content writing, drive traffic to the website. At the same time, copywriting converts this traffic into leads or sales. Business owners want both high traffic and high sales from SEO. But the reality is different. The reality is that SEO content is best at driving traffic, while copywriting does the opposite.


In conclusion, I would say that copywriting and other writing tasks have their own usage. There comes a time when you are to persuade someone. You use copywritng. You use other types of writings when you have to inform.


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